Privacy and Treatment Policy

Privacy Policy
mindCARES takes the issue of privacy very seriously. Clients receive a copy of our privacy policy when they begin counseling. Mental health therapists are prohibited by law from disclosing any information about clients without written permission. However, we are required by law to immediately contact authorities and/or law enforcement if there is a suspicion of any abuse (child, dependant adult, or elder) or potential bodily harm by a client to himself or herself or to another individual. For more information regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at 601-707-7355.

Treatment Policy
mindCARES Treatment Policy

Suzanne Russell, LPC Anne Sinclair, LPC Leigh Ann Germany, LPC

At the time your first appointment is made, a credit card number is placed on file. If the Intake appointment is not kept OR it is cancelled with less than a 24 hour notice, the credit card on file will be charged the allowable insurance fee or the reduced rate for uninsured clients.

If a follow-up appointment is not kept OR the appointment is cancelled with less than a 24 hour notice, your card will be charged the allowable insurance fee or the reduced rate for uninsured clients.

If your appointment needs to be changed, please call office @ 601-707-7355. We do require a 24 HOUR NOTICE of any cancellation. If cancellation is not within the 24 hours there is a cancellation fee of $150. Clients are limited to 3 cancellations per year. After the 3rd cancellation, client will be referred to another therapist.

A child/teen MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. I will not see a child/teen if they are brought to session by grandparents, siblings, significant others, or other family members. NO EXCEPTIONS! Your involvement in his/her treatment is ESSENTIAL!

In order to assist you in keeping your appointment, we will give you a reminder text about 24 hours in advance. Please REPLY to the text.

Payment of co-pay or deductible is due at the time of service.

Any time during treatment, if you apply for disability and need the paperwork completed, there will be a $50.00 charge for this service. This fee must be paid in advance and is not covered by insurance.

If the purpose of the Intake is to determine whether your child has ADHD, the Conners Rating Scale will be used. There is a $10.00 charge that is due at the time the Conners is given to the parent/guardian. This is not a billable charge on any insurance plan.