Symptoms of Adult ADHD

Symptoms of Adult (18+) ADHD:

  • Problems with focus/concentration
  • Impulsivity issues
  • Frequent Procrastination
  • Being easily distracted at home/work when trying to complete a project
  • Difficulty with highly detailed work
  • Having problems starting and finishing tasks
  • Never feeling organized
  • Struggling to finish tasks on time
  • Having much trouble prioritizing
  • Feeling overwhelmed, defeated, and chronically tired
  • Financial problems due to problems with organization and impulsive spending*
You do not have to have ALL of these symptoms to be diagnosed with ADHD.

*Individuals with undiagnosed ADHD agonize over completing everyday tasks of life due to problems with concentration, focus, prioritization, and procrastination. This can lead to anxiety and/or depression, a perpetual sense of failure, and low self-esteem. With treatment, you can learn: how to prioritize, be more organized, manage time more efficiently, and use goal setting strategies. The life you have always envisioned can become a reality!